How do I use  MyLifeTree?

Life is a journey and with assistance from the MyLifeTree team, you can capture that journey and make it a living Life Tree.

We are here to assist you in organizing your life story from your ancestors to your life events, and to how you want people to remember you in the future. MyLifeTree is a family and social entity, which will allow you to organize important documents, pictures and events in your life and share them with family and friends. You will also find information on how you can supplement your LifeTree with DNA data from modern DNA tests.

You can already begin capturing the journey today and see the first results. You can keep on adding more information and content in the coming days, months and years. Your LifeTree will consist of three sections: My Roots; My Life Line; and My Legacy. You will find a Template for each of the sections, under the respective tabs in the menu bar, with instructions on how to use the Templates. You can share your LifeTree Templates with family and friends and also let them add information to your LifeTree.